1. Applicant must meet DTP eligibility requirements for the program.

2. Applicant must be free from acute medical conditions that may interfere with or inhibit active participation in the program, contagious diseases that may affect the health and welfare of others in the program, and alcohol/drug addition.

3. Applicant must be homeless as defined by homeless definition.
-Does the individual lack a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence;
-Is the individual’s primary nighttime residence either of the following: a
supervised publicly or privately operated shelter designed to provide
temporary living accommodations, an institution that provides a temporary
residence for individuals intended to be institutionalized or a public or private
place not designed for, or ordinarily used as, a regular sleeping
accommodation for human beings

4. Applicant must be capable of self-preservation in case of an internal or external disaster.

5. Applicant must have housing issues that is determined to benefit from a 24 hour per day, seven days a week structured and supportive environment for an extended period of time as a transitional management establishment.

6. Applicant must independently perform activities of daily living and be willing
to assist with household chores as assigned by program team to cultivate the concept of ‘home-like’ environment.

7. Applicant must agree and be able to participate in the Self-Medication guidelines as outlined in the Participant Package\Self Medication Guidelines.doc.

8. Applicant must have a medical clearance, which includes negative tuberculosis
screening (PPD).

9. Applicant must be willing to participate in the transitional program which involves group meetings, the enhancement of socialization and basic computer skills and attend a job assessment & readiness workshop which enhances the mission of the program and the return to an independent lifestyle.

10. Applicant has not been in the DTP program in the past.

11. Applicant must submit to urine drug screens randomly and at the discre-
tion of the DTP staff.

12. Applicant must be willing to abide by the laws and Participant Package\DTP RULES 082408.doc of this program.

13. No suicidal ideations or attempts in the past.

The shelter is not a permanent placement. It is a Residential
Transitional Program and the applicant must have short-term and long-term goals towards self-improvement. Participants must have the capability for education, job, and housing planning.

1. Applicant who has legal charges/issues pending that might inhibit/interfere
with participating in the program (can be on probation status). If potential participant is on parole or probation, he must bring written verification that he can participate for full length of program without interruption and locality issues.

2. Applicant cannot have a history of or be a registered sex offender, kidnapper, or convicted murderer. Individuals released from imprisonment MUST be released with a nationwide background check/report. For local applicants; the name, SS# and DOB will be sent to the local Police Dept. to obtain a background check/report.

Due to the living distance of children and local Foster Care Housing, no convicted sex offenders, kidnappers, or murders will be allowed to enter into the DTP.

Selection Criteria
a. Must be a US Citizen
b. Must be male age 19-30
c. A non-veteran
d. Must be homeless as defined in Part IV. Homeless Assistant, Subpart A. General Provisions
e. Must be willing to have a background check
f. If admit to prior drug/alcohol addiction, must submit a recent drug/alcohol program completion certificate.
g. Prison releases (that meet criteria) exiting the system through a re-entry program

Exclusion Criteria
a. Under 19 or over the age of 30
b. Female
c. A convicted sex offender, kidnapper, or murder
e. Not willing to have a background check
f. Mentally impaired (We are not equipped to provide adequate care)
g. Physically impaired (We are not equipped to provide adequate care)
h. Has already been through the DTP
i. Veteran
j. Drug/alcohol dependent

Exit Criteria
a. Non-compliance with all DTP rules
b. Misuse of the shelter and equipment
c. Use of drug/alcohol while in the DTP
d. Sighted with a weapon
e. Giving false information
f. Medical reasons (become too ill to complete the program, etc.)
g. Found to have a contagious disease that would affect other participants

Revised: October 11, 2009